Nelda Ruby

We pulled up to the church on a regular Tuesday, got out of the car and walked in. I went to the front of the church  and saw my best friend’s Grandma in a beautiful casket. At that moment I realized this wasn’t a regular Tuesday, Mrs. Ruby was gone and she wasn’t coming back. Once everybody got seated, the family went to the back of the church, and even though I wasn’t family , I got to go back there. We were back there for about 40 minutes. Then the pastor called us into a small room and we prayed. I grabbed Cassidy’s and Michael’s hand and started to cry. Once the pastor finished we all walked outside and we all got in a messed up line. When the doors opened, Colby grabbed my hand and we walked in together side by side crying and trying to comfort each other. When we sat down I grabbed about 10 tissues because trust me I needed them. When the pastor started, the first thing he did was read Cassidy’s paragraph, and it was so sweet when he read it my body body tensed up, I could barely breath and I just wanted to see her one more time . When the service was over , all of her friends came and hugged the family . We walked past  Mrs.Ruby, and Colby wrapped his arm around me and we walked to the back of the room together .Once we got to the back of the church , I saw Monica , Michael’s mom . She wrapped her arms around me , and gave me her sunglasses. We walked outside and watched Mrs. Ruby get loaded into a van. Tears were shed, hearts were broken, and all because the doctors couldn’t find a cure. Forever Rest in Peace Nelda Ruby.

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