Nelda Ruby

We pulled up to the church on a regular Tuesday, got out of the car and walked in. I went to the front of the church  and saw my best friend’s Grandma in a beautiful casket. At that moment I realized this wasn’t a regular Tuesday, Mrs. Ruby was gone and she wasn’t coming back. Once everybody got seated, the family went to the back of the church, and even though I wasn’t family , I got to go back there. We were back there for about 40 minutes. Then the pastor called us into a small room and we prayed. I grabbed Cassidy’s and Michael’s hand and started to cry. Once the pastor finished we all walked outside and we all got in a messed up line. When the doors opened, Colby grabbed my hand and we walked in together side by side crying and trying to comfort each other. When we sat down I grabbed about 10 tissues because trust me I needed them. When the pastor started, the first thing he did was read Cassidy’s paragraph, and it was so sweet when he read it my body body tensed up, I could barely breath and I just wanted to see her one more time . When the service was over , all of her friends came and hugged the family . We walked past  Mrs.Ruby, and Colby wrapped his arm around me and we walked to the back of the room together .Once we got to the back of the church , I saw Monica , Michael’s mom . She wrapped her arms around me , and gave me her sunglasses. We walked outside and watched Mrs. Ruby get loaded into a van. Tears were shed, hearts were broken, and all because the doctors couldn’t find a cure. Forever Rest in Peace Nelda Ruby.

Child Labor

Summary: Today I learned that children anywhere from 4-18                           were required to have jobs whether it was working in                      factories, mills, canneries, mines, or working on                                farms. Most of the children worked 12 hour shifts,                          and if they were even a minute late they would get                          only 11 hours worth of money. Also it didn’t matter if                      you were sick or hurt if you didn’t show up, for                                whatever reason you would get fired.

My reaction: My reaction on child labor makes me sad for all the                        kids who lost their lives. Hearing about child labor                          makes me hope that I wont keep using the excuse                          to my mom saying, “That’s not fair.”

The War of 1812

W- War broke out between the United States and Great Britain.
A- Army fights for our freedom.
R- Rivals were fighting once again.

O- Over 2 1/2  years of fighting and nobody won.
F- For 2 1/2 years the battle of 1812 continued.

1- 1 day on June 18, 1812 the Untied States and Great Britain           declared war.
8- 8th of January the battle of New Orleans ended.
1- 1 day known as February 8, 1815 the Battle of 1812 ended.
2- 2000 on the British Army died during the Battle of 1812.

The Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights)

On September 19, 1777 the Battle of Saratoga began with the Americans fighting against the British. The Battle of Saratoga was the  American’s 1st victory! The Americans only lost 90 men, but 240 were wounded. For the British it didn’t turn out as well, 300 were killed, and 695 were wounded. The Americans were once glad to see the British, because the British walked away in shame of themselves. Even though the Battle of Saratoga was a mistake we should always remember the Battle of Saratoga, because it was the turning point for the Revolutionary War.